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The Wild Wild West Image Library

Recent Top 25 Images

Total downloads in past four weeks: 2164

The table below lists the 25 most frequently downloaded images in the The Wild Wild West library during the previous four weeks. Click on the thumbnail or the image name to see the full-sized image.

Rank Image Downloads Subject Thumbnail
1 deadl145 11 James West deadl145
2 terr221 5 James West terr221
3 fireb173 5 James West fireb173
4 knife111 4 other, James West knife111
5 knife112 4 James West, other knife112
6 deadl062 3 James West, other deadl062
7 deadl063 3 James West deadl063
8 deadl065 3 James West deadl065
9 deadl066 3 James West deadl066
10 suddn070 3 other, James West suddn070
11 knife063 3 James West, other knife063
12 knife074 3 James West, Artemus Gordon knife074
13 knife079 3 James West, Artemus Gordon knife079
14 knife081 3 Artemus Gordon, James West knife081
15 knife083 3 Tennyson, Artemus Gordon, James West knife083
16 knife100 3 other, James West knife100
17 knife101 3 James West, other knife101
18 knife106 3 James West, other knife106
19 knife109 3 other, James West knife109
20 knife113 3 James West knife113
21 knife115 3 James West knife115
22 knife117 3 James West, other knife117
23 knife118 3 James West, other knife118
24 knife120 3 James West knife120
25 knife121 3 James West, other knife121

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Episode Rankings

The table below lists the number of downloads per episode in the The Wild Wild West library during the previous four weeks.

 Rank   Title   Downloads  Graph: Downloads
 1   The Night of the Double-Edged Knife  361
 2   The Night That Terror Stalked the Town   346
 3   The Night of the Firebrand  247
 4   The Night of the Eccentrics  203
 5   The Night of the Bubbling Death  201
 6   The Night of the Deadly Bed  160
 7   The Night of the Golden Cobra  120
 8   The Night of the Glowing Corpse  109
 9   The Night of the Dancing Death  101
 10   The Night of Sudden Death  92
 11   The Night of a Thousand Eyes  76
 12   The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth  70
 13   The Night of the Casual Killer  45
 14   The Night of the Inferno  33

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Character Rankings

The following table lists indexed characters by number of downloads during the past four weeks. The download value is awarded one point for each download of an image of that character alone, and fractional points for images of the character with others.

 Rank   Character   Downloads  Graph
1  James West  1000.75
2  Artemus Gordon  291.33
3  Dr. Loveless  63.92
4  Tennyson  11.33
5  Antoinette  8.25

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