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The Avengers Image Library

Recent Top 25 Images

Total downloads in past four weeks: 1339

The table below lists the 25 most frequently downloaded images in the The Avengers library during the previous four weeks. Click on the thumbnail or the image name to see the full-sized image.

Rank Image Downloads Subject Thumbnail
1 noret017 4 Emma Peel noret017
2 noret022 4 Emma Peel noret022
3 noret110 4 other, Emma Peel noret110
4 cyber200 4 Emma Peel cyber200
5 bargn009 4 Emma Peel bargn009
6 bargn010 4 Emma Peel, John Steed, other bargn010
7 bargn055 4 other bargn055
8 bargn056 4 Emma Peel, other bargn056
9 noret011 3 John Steed, Emma Peel noret011
10 noret019 3 Emma Peel noret019
11 noret031 3 other noret031
12 noret041 3 other, Emma Peel noret041
13 noret141 3 Emma Peel, John Steed noret141
14 noret143 3 John Steed, Emma Peel noret143
15 noret169 3 Emma Peel noret169
16 grave144 3 other grave144
17 cyber022 3 Emma Peel cyber022
18 cyber173 3 other cyber173
19 bargn001 3 other bargn001
20 bargn002 3 other bargn002
21 bargn003 3 other bargn003
22 bargn004 3 other bargn004
23 bargn005 3 other bargn005
24 bargn006 3 other bargn006
25 bargn007 3 John Steed bargn007

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Episode Rankings

The table below lists the number of downloads per episode in the The Avengers library during the previous four weeks.

 Rank   Title   Downloads  Graph: Downloads
 1   Death At Bargain Prices  504
 2   The Town of No Return  355
 3   The Cybernauts  258
 4   The Gravediggers  222

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Character Rankings

The following table lists indexed characters by number of downloads during the past four weeks. The download value is awarded one point for each download of an image of that character alone, and fractional points for images of the character with others.

 Rank   Character   Downloads  Graph
1  John Steed  393.17
2  Emma Peel  376.67

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