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The Wild Wild West
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Part 1: 1-24
Part 2: 25-48
Part 3: 49-72
Part 4: 73-96
Part 5: 97-120
Part 6: 121-144
Part 7: 145-168
Part 8: 169-192
Part 9: 193-216
Part 10: 217-219

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The Wild Wild West
The Night of the Dancing Death
part 10

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

danc217 Thumbnail
Who: Artemus Gordon, James West
Where: Train
When: West smiling at Marianna.
Size: 49 Kb.
danc218 Thumbnail
Who: train
Where: Outdoors
When: Pulling away.
Size: 41 Kb.
danc219 Thumbnail
Who: commercial break card
Where: End of episode.
Size: 47 Kb.

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