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Part 1: 1-24
Part 2: 25-48
Part 3: 49-72
Part 4: 73-96
Part 5: 97-120
Part 6: 121-144
Part 7: 145-168
Part 8: 169-192
Part 9: 193-216
Part 10: 217-240
Part 11: 241-264
Part 12: 265-288
Part 13: 289-312
Part 14: 313-336
Part 15: 337-357

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The Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit: Trailers
part 8

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

htrlr169 Thumbnail
Who: Gandalf, Radagast
Where: Dol Guldur
When: At edge of shaft.
Size: 43 Kb.
htrlr170 Thumbnail
Who: Azog
Where: Outdoors
When: Thranduil: "In time, all foul things come forth."
Size: 64 Kb.
htrlr171 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: Mirkwood
When: Hiding from spider.
Size: 56 Kb.
htrlr172 Thumbnail
Who: Thorin
Where: Erebor
When: Opening door.
Size: 24 Kb.
htrlr173 Thumbnail
Who: Thorin
Where: Lake-town
When: Bard: "If you awaken that beast..."
Size: 57 Kb.
htrlr174 Thumbnail
Who: Bard, Dwalin
Where: Lake-town
When: Bard: " will destroy us all."
Size: 73 Kb.
htrlr175 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: River
When: Emerging from water.
Size: 92 Kb.
htrlr176 Thumbnail
Who: Bombur, Orc
Where: Outdoors
When: Bombur in barrel snatching weapon from arrow-struck Orc, both of them airborne for no readily apparent reason.
Size: 65 Kb.
htrlr177 Thumbnail
Who: Legolas, Elves, Orcs
Where: Mirkwood
When: Legolas practicing short-range archery.
Size: 112 Kb.
htrlr178 Thumbnail
Who: Tauriel
Where: Mirkwood
When: Practicing airborne archery (not to be outdone by Legolas, or Bombur.)
Size: 86 Kb.
htrlr179 Thumbnail
Who: Gandalf
Where: Dol Guldur
When: With someone hurtling down onto him from above. (Does everybody fly in this thing?)
Size: 91 Kb.
htrlr180 Thumbnail
Who: Tauriel, Orcs
Where: Mirkwood
When: Fighting.
Size: 69 Kb.
htrlr181 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: Mirkwood
When: Clinging to branch.
Size: 72 Kb.
htrlr182 Thumbnail
Who: Orc
Where: Mirkwood
When: Attacking.
Size: 76 Kb.
htrlr183 Thumbnail
Who: Ori, Bilbo, Kili, Thorin
Where: River
When: In barrels (except for Bilbo). Fighting.
Size: 88 Kb.
htrlr184 Thumbnail
Who: Dori, Balin, Dwalin, Bifur, Ori
Where: Erebor
When: Balin: "That, my lad..."
Size: 81 Kb.
htrlr185 Thumbnail
Who: Balin
Where: Erebor
When: Balin: "...was a dragon."
Size: 63 Kb.
htrlr186 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: Erebor, treasure room
When: Sneaking.
Size: 59 Kb.
htrlr187 Thumbnail
Who: Smaug, Bilbo
Where: Erebor, treasure room
When: Smaug confronting Bilbo.
Size: 52 Kb.
htrlr188 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: Erebor
When: Bilbo: "Truly, the tales and songs..."
Size: 68 Kb.
htrlr189 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: Erebor
When: Bilbo: "...fall utterly short..."
Size: 102 Kb.
htrlr190 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: Erebor
When: Bilbo: "...of your enormity..."
Size: 216 Kb.
htrlr191 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo
Where: Erebor
When: Bilbo: "Oh Smaug, the stupendous."
Size: 137 Kb.
htrlr192 Thumbnail
Who: Elves, Dwarves
Where: Mirkwood
When: Thorin: "We are the Dwarves of Erebor."
Size: 255 Kb.

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