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Blake's 7
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Part 1: 1-24
Part 2: 25-48
Part 3: 49-72
Part 4: 73-96
Part 5: 97-120
Part 6: 121-144
Part 7: 145-168
Part 8: 169-177

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Blake's 7
Pressure Point
part 8

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

press169 Thumbnail
Who: Vila, Jenna, Blake, Avon
Where: Control complex
When: Blake: "Gan's dead."
Size: 45 Kb.
press170 Thumbnail
Who: Servalan, mutoids, Travis
Where: Control complex
When: Travis: "They'll dig us out eventually."
Size: 42 Kb.
press171 Thumbnail
Who: Veron
Where: Control complex
When: Veron: "I have a debt to pay."
Size: 36 Kb.
press172 Thumbnail
Who: Blake, Jenna, Vila, Avon
Where: Control complex
When: Blake: "So have we."
Size: 59 Kb.
press173 Thumbnail
Who: Liberator
Where: Orbiting Earth.
Size: 20 Kb.
press174 Thumbnail
Who: Cally, Vila, Blake, Jenna, Avon
Where: Liberator flight deck
When: Zen: "State course and speed."
Size: 71 Kb.
press175 Thumbnail
Who: Blake, Jenna
Where: Liberator flight deck
When: Blake: "Get us out of the solar system."
Size: 57 Kb.
press176 Thumbnail
Who: Gan's seat
Where: Flight deck
When: Empty.
Size: 49 Kb.
press177 Thumbnail
Who: Liberator
Where: Flying past Earth.
Size: 41 Kb.

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