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Part 1: 1-24
Part 2: 25-48
Part 3: 49-72
Part 4: 73-96
Part 5: 97-120
Part 6: 121-144
Part 7: 145-168
Part 8: 169-192
Part 9: 193-216
Part 10: 217-240
Part 11: 241-264
Part 12: 265-271

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Blake's 7
part 12

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

assas265 Thumbnail
Who: Servalan, captain
Where: Servalan's ship
When: Servalan: "May I congratulate you on a job well done, Captain?"
Size: 75 Kb.
assas266 Thumbnail
Who: Servalan
Where: Servalan's ship
When: Servalan: "It's just that a universe without Avon and Tarrant will take a certain amount of getting used to."
Size: 53 Kb.
assas267 Thumbnail
Who: Dayna, Tarrant, Avon
Where: Scorpio
When: Tarrant: "I still think that you left it till the last minute on purpose."
Size: 75 Kb.
assas268 Thumbnail
Who: Vila, Soolin, Dayna
Where: Scorpio
When: Dayna: "Vila's very worried. He wants to know what became of that sweet little girl."
Size: 66 Kb.
assas269 Thumbnail
Who: Dayna, Soolin
Where: Scorpio
When: Soolin: "Vila, all sweet things have one thing in common."
Size: 50 Kb.
assas270 Thumbnail
Who: Vila
Where: Scorpio
When: Soolin: "A tendency to make you sick."
Size: 40 Kb.
assas271 Thumbnail
Who: Avon
Where: Scorpio
When: Looking faintly amused.
Size: 52 Kb.

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