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Part 1: 1-24
Part 2: 25-48
Part 3: 49-72
Part 4: 73-96
Part 5: 97-120
Part 6: 121-144
Part 7: 145-168
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The Professionals
Dead Reckoning
part 9

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

deadr193 Thumbnail
Who: Bodie, Anna
Where: In house
When: After Bodie shoots Michael.
Size: 42 Kb.
deadr194 Thumbnail
Who: CI5 agent, Batak II, Cowley
Where: Outside house
When: Cowley: "Welcome to England."
Size: 47 Kb.
deadr195 Thumbnail
Who: Doyle, Bodie
Where: Outside house
When: Bodie: "You going with him, or with me?"
Size: 60 Kb.
deadr196 Thumbnail
Who: Anna
Where: In car
Size: 38 Kb.
deadr197 Thumbnail
Who: Bodie
Where: Outside house
When: Bodie: "I'll do my best."
Size: 58 Kb.
deadr198 Thumbnail
Who: Doyle
Where: Outside house
When: Smiling at Bodie.
Size: 50 Kb.

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