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The Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit: Trailers

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

htrlr074 Thumbnail
Who: Dwalin, Balin, Bilbo
Where: Bag End
When: Bilbo: "I'm surrounded by Dwarves."
Size: 63 Kb.
htrlr083 Thumbnail
Who: Bofur, Thorin, Bilbo, Gandalf, Dwalin
Where: Bag End
When: Bilbo: "Me? No, no, no!"
Size: 80 Kb.
htrlr087 Thumbnail
Who: Dori, Nori, Glóin, Balin, Bofur, Thorin, Gandalf, Dwalin, Bifur, Óin
Where: Bag End
When: Thorin: " take back Erebor!"
Size: 82 Kb.
htrlr122 Thumbnail
Who: Ori, Dwalin, Bilbo, Dwarves
Where: Misty Mountains
When: Dodging rocks.
Size: 80 Kb.
htrlr128 Thumbnail
Who: Balin, Kíli, Bifur, Gandalf, Dwalin, Dori, Bilbo
Where: Bag End
When: Laughing.
Size: 93 Kb.
htrlr133 Thumbnail
Who: Bombur, Glóin, Dwalin, Thorin, goblins
Where: Cave
When: Dwarves fleeing.
Size: 106 Kb.
htrlr140 Thumbnail
Who: Dori, Bofur, Ori, Glóin, Bombur, Kíli, Dwalin, Gandalf
Where: Cave?
When: Bofur: "Well, that could have been worse."
Size: 84 Kb.
htrlr154 Thumbnail
Who: Beorn(?), Dwalin
Where: Beorn's house?
When: Dwarves trying to shut a large bear out of a house.
Size: 71 Kb.
htrlr174 Thumbnail
Who: Bard, Dwalin
Where: Lake-town
When: Bard: " will destroy us all."
Size: 73 Kb.
htrlr184 Thumbnail
Who: Dori, Balin, Dwalin, Bifur, Ori
Where: Erebor
When: Balin: "That, my lad..."
Size: 81 Kb.
htrlr194 Thumbnail
Who: Bilbo, Thorin, Dwalin
Where: Lake-town
When: Thorin: " reclaim our homeland."
Size: 197 Kb.
htrlr197 Thumbnail
Who: Thorin, Dwalin
Where: On boat
When: Dwalin: "How do we know he won't betray us?"
Size: 111 Kb.
htrlr198 Thumbnail
Who: Dwalin, Bombur, Bofur, Thorin
Where: On boat
When: Thorin: "We don't."
Size: 114 Kb.
htrlr215 Thumbnail
Who: Dwarf, Thorin, Dwalin
Where: Near Erebor
When: Looking at ruins of Dale.
Size: 252 Kb.
htrlr237 Thumbnail
Who: Dwarves, Dwalin, Bilbo, Thorin, Balin, Bombur
Where: Erebor?
When: Dodging flames.
Size: 127 Kb.
htrlr276 Thumbnail
Who: Kíli, Dwalin, Balin
Where: Near Erebor
When: In goat-drawn chariot.
Size: 123 Kb.
htrlr291 Thumbnail
Who: Dwalin, Nori, Balin, Óin, Fíli, Bifur, Kíli, Ori, Glóin, Dori, Bilbo, Bombur
Where: Erebor
When: Thorin: "Will you follow me..."
Size: 118 Kb.
htrlr302 Thumbnail
Who: Dwalin, Nori, Balin, Óin, Fíli, Bifur, Kíli, Ori, Glóin, Dori, Bilbo, Bombur
Where: Erebor
When: Looking at Thorin.
Size: 105 Kb.

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