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The Lord of the Rings
The Fellowship of the Ring

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

fotr1248 Thumbnail
Who: Rúmil, Haldir, Orophin
Where: Lórien
When: Haldir: "You have entered the realm of the Lady of the Wood. You cannot go back."
Size: 61 Kb.
fotr1250 Thumbnail
Who: Legolas, Haldir
Where: Lórien
When: Legolas: "Govannas vîn gwennen le, Haldir o Lórien."
[Sindarin: "Our Fellowship stands in your debt, Haldir of Lórien."]
Size: 54 Kb.
fotr1251 Thumbnail
Who: Rúmil, Haldir
Where: Lórien
When: Haldir looking at Fellowship.
Size: 52 Kb.
fotr1252 Thumbnail
Who: Aragorn, Gimli, Boromir, Legolas, Haldir
Where: Lórien
When: Haldir: "A Aragorn in Dúnedain..."
[Sindarin: "Oh, Aragorn of the Dúnedain..."]
Size: 70 Kb.
fotr1261 Thumbnail
Who: Aragorn, Haldir, Orophin, Rúmil
Where: Lórien
When: Aragorn arguing with Haldir.
Size: 68 Kb.
fotr1267 Thumbnail
Who: Aragorn, Haldir
Where: Lórien
When: Arguing.
Size: 57 Kb.
fotr1274 Thumbnail
Who: Aragorn, Haldir, Legolas
Where: Lórien
When: Haldir: "Caras Galadhon."
Size: 73 Kb.
fotr1275 Thumbnail
Who: Legolas, Haldir, Aragorn, Merry, Frodo, Gimli, Pippin, Sam, Boromir
Where: Lórien
When: Haldir: "The heart of Elvendom on earth."
Size: 61 Kb.
fotr1276 Thumbnail
Who: Haldir, Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir
Where: Caras Galadhon
When: Following Haldir.
Size: 71 Kb.
fotr1281 Thumbnail
Who: Haldir, Aragorn, Gimli, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Boromir
Where: Lórien
When: Entering Galadriel's hall.
Size: 70 Kb.
fotr1292 Thumbnail
Who: Legolas, Boromir, Gimli, Aragorn, Celeborn, Galadriel, Haldir
Where: Caras Galadhon
When: Celeborn: "...yet nine there were set out from Rivendell."
Size: 53 Kb.

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